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We are a keto meal plan service, here to add the keto flavor to your Desi palette. 


About a 2 years ago my husband and I decided that we needed to drop the weight and Keto was all the rage, so we began our intensive research into the Keto program and how we could make it work for us, we tried several meal plan services that were great! but none could fully satisfy our desi bellies. We craved those crispy dosas and some nice tangy gravy to go with our cauliflower rice and decided to take up cooking and creating delicious meals for ourselves and we just could not get enough. 


We then decided to bring the joy of Desi Keto to UAE and share it with all of you. Our recipes are carefully measured and checked by our team of qualified nutritionists and prepared with love everyday at our Kitchen. We know getting and staying healthy is tough long road, one that takes commitment, so let's make it fun together! 

Live . Love . Eat

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