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“Swore to never be on a diet. But I had to lose some weight quickly. Curry Keto's Meal Plan was incredibly delicious and blew my mind away. Definitely not what I expected to be eating on a diet. I soon lost 13 kgs in 2 months all while looking forward to my dessert the next day. ”




The Curry Side 

Curry Keto was conceptualized to address a grave(y) concern. Keto diets were bland and tough to stick to especially for the desi palette. Our founder got to the bottom of this with one single mission - deliver the best tasting Keto khana to everybody who wanted to go Keto. After 2 years of intensive R&D, tasting sessions with family and friends and finally getting certified as Ketogenic Diet Specialists, we opened doors for everyone in UAE to try a delicious journey to the curry side of Keto.

Asian Flavours

Fresh Ingredients

Macro Balanced

Delivered Daily


Flavour in every bite

That's right. Curry Keto Meal Plans are curated for the curry folks who cannot do diets. For those who need the little extra flavor, the garma garams, the Friyay biriyani peeps, for those who don't call it a teekuh masala. For the ones who crave flavor in every bite; we've got you, fam!

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Customized Asian

Keto Recipes


2 years


Serving Meal Plans Across UAE




Happy Customers and counting

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Keto Meal Plans

Our plans are curated by certified ketogenic diet specialists and tested on foodies. Macro balanced, low carb and loaded with healthy fats with a healthy sprinkle of Asian flavor. Truly, a gastronomic journey to wellness.


Skip the worrying, shopping, prepping and indulge in our Asian keto diet plans. 

How it Works

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Pick a macro Balanced Keto Meal Plan that's best suited for your wellness goals. 

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Our Keto Diet Specialist will onboard you after checking your dietary

and medical requirements. 

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Our meals are prepared with high quality ingredients sourced fresh daily & ready to deliver in 100% eco-friendly packaging. 

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Get your meal plan for the day delivered free all over UAE. Follow the instructions, reheat & enjoy.

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Need more info? 

A Keto or Ketogenic diet is high fat, moderate protein and low carbohydrate nutrition plan designed to turn the body into a fat-burning machine. Our Keto Experts can guide you through the process from their expertise and experience.  Don't google it,  just schedule a free call with the only dedicated Asian Keto Meal Plan service in UAE.

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